About Us

Who are Healing Hooves Devon?

We are a charity who exclusively rescue or are donated ponies in need of a safe forever home. We DO NOT buy our ponies as we believe that there aremany thousands that need help in the UK. Our ponies are kept as naturally and simply as possible on the land which has no use of pesticides. The hay we feed them is locally made (within a mile from our location) and full of herbs and good plants.

Some of our ponies are welfare cases and come to us in a horrific condition , it can take many months of love and care to get them right again. Our vet, Jon, has over 40 years of expertise with equines and is the best in our area.

The charity is particularly special as we have two main goals , we rescue ponies and we help people.

How You Can Help Us

We are a charity and we are totally reliant on public donations at present. We are very grateful for any amount of money donated whatever the size as every penny goes to keeping our mini’s safe and healthy and our trailer roadworthy for the essential visits we make.

Who Benefits?

Assistance/ therapy ponies are used in a verity of settings, these include:
children in Hospitals and hospices, disabled children, foster homes and schools, children who have witnessed an events such as bereavement, abuse, trafficking, refugees and so many more!

They can be used with adults who have addiction issues, learning difficulties, disabilities, live in deprived areas, the long term unemployed, female refugees, homeless shelters and people with PTSD.

Elderly people also benefit from visits to residential nursing homes and hospitals.

How The Ponies Help Humans

These ponies are now more commonly used as assistance to persons with visual impairments as some people have dog allergies. The ponies can live well into their 30’s and beyond making them the ideal companion for assisting in the long term.

Research suggests that during sessions patients pain and blood pressure are reduced and fear and stress are decreased. They also help patients to forget illness for a period of time. There are also no associated infections reported in patients after contact with equines.

Fund Raising Ponies!

The ponies can also be used for special occasions such as Children’s parties, weddings and perhaps to open a fete with all proceeds going to the charity. Please use our contact page if you have any enquiries about hiring the ponies.

How You Can Help Us

If you are interested in donating, sponsoring or volunteering with Healing Hooves Devon or would like to arrange a visit from the ponies then please get in touch via our contact page.

Many thanks from our charity and more importantly – the ponies themselves.