Born: 2009 Height:

Passport name halstock coronation….she came from an auction she was around 7 years Old, in her past she was only used as a broodmare and had several foals , she also had really overgrown hooves and a snapped tooth which stuck into her cheek causing sores.

A little girl aged 4 fell in love with her and bonded instantly, she saw the vet and farrier and was back to full health after time . The little girl decided one day to ride her and they were the best of friends, they rode everywhere!
Marylegs as a 9 year old was taken to in hand shows , she loved the pampering and beinging in the spotlight.

She is due to foal in the next few weeks and this will be the last one , we are very excited and can’t wait to see what arrives.. She is on long term loan to Tiny Hooves Devon and was in foal when she arrived , once the foal is weaned she will be a super therapy pony , she will get a nice long break with her foal during the summer of 2016.