Born: Height:

“I was born on the open moorland to a young mare. I didn’t have the best owner but none the less at 4 months old I was rounded up and shipped off to the market. I didn’t make my measly reserve of £10 and was bought by the meat man who supplies zoos and alike. Whilst I was loading into his lorry I was spotted by two people who offered the man £20 for a tiny little hairy Shetland. He agreed and I was taken home with 2 others in the back of a small sheep trailer.

After that in my nice new home it took my new people 2 years or so to get my trust but then i noticed I really enjoyed children who stayed in the holiday cabin and would rather get cuddles and attention than go out grazing with my friends. At that time my human worked in a home for learning disabilities and I went in to see the people who lived there, unfortunately it was raining, so we walked right into the living room to meet the people. My person moved on from that job so I couldn’t go anymore. I stayed in the field for a good while until a lady came to see me and offered me another job visiting people again!

And so my life story continues……”